Work & Peace Guide: Team Stress Management During the Holiday Season

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As the holiday season revs up and the temperatures begin to drop off (in the Midwest),  the challenge for teams is to keep balanced as work and life often have added demands to the regular schedule. This can be a heightened time for stress as people get ready to finish out the season and welcome in the new year. Encourage your team to be mindful of what support they need during this transitional time. Check in to make sure your team remembers to take stretch breaks, have walking meetings, or investigate in other exercise incentives such as a partnership with a local gym. An active team is a happy team, and activity helps reduce stress as well. 

Show gratitude.

We can all use a pick me up every now and then. The holidays are a great time to remind your team how much you value them. This does not have to be in the form of monetary compensation such as a bonus, it could be as much as a kind word or an extra minute taken to pull a team member aside and let them know how well they’re doing. Holidays or not, it really is the thought that counts. 

Get together to build lasting relationships.

Not everyone is able to go home and see their families for the holidays. Hosting a team party is great for team building but also provides that much needed feeling of family, closeness and inclusivity that we all crave this time of year. A potluck style party is great for encouraging your team to get creative in the kitchen and share another side of themselves. 

This year at VPG we took the True Colors Assessment.

Taking this assessment was a great team bonding experience at our holiday potluck. This assessment, developed from Myers Briggs techniques, allows for increased understanding of your unique team members and is a fun way to connect with them on a new level. Insight leads to alignment, and we at VPG are very determined to establish a harmonious environment for all. True Colors helps teach entire organizations how to communicate more effectively by determining the different learning styles and personalities of each member. What are your True Colors?

Megan Van Petten
Van Petten Group, Inc.