Comprehensive Consulting Solutions

Discover a range of integrated consulting solutions at VPG designed to manage associations with strategic creativity. Our services are at the forefront of innovation, but we also offer custom packages tailored to your organization's specific needs.


Van Petten Group’s coaches are executive-level professionals that excel at identifying root issues, developing positive, necessary steps towards growth as well as balancing, managing, and achieving strategic goals. They are keen on passing their knowledge and experience on to others.

Discover MVP Coaching
  • Transformative Leadership Support

    Elevate your leadership skills and address unique challenges. Collaborate with Van Petten Group's expert coaches to find solutions for your organization's success.

  • Team Excellence Coaching

    Strengthen your company by addressing team dysfunctions and inconsistencies. Van Petten Group specializes in identifying and resolving underlying issues to build a winning team culture.

  • Strategic Organizational Coaching

    Proactively shape your organization's future. Our experts guide you in developing a clear strategic vision and execution plan that sets you apart from the competition.

  • Life Coaching

    Achieve meaningful success across all facets of life. MVP Coaching helps you integrate different aspects of your life and overcome challenges to become your best self. MVP Coaching is here to help you live your best life.


We offer a range of consulting services for your organization.

  • Effective Board Development

    Collaborate with us to create a blueprint for success among your board members. Set measurable goals, cultivate leadership, and ensure clear accountability. Prioritize common values, succession planning, and best governance practices.

  • Crafting Mission & Vision

    Define compelling mission and vision statements that resonate with your audience. Promote your organization's core values and goals for lasting impact. Ideal for new organizations or those undergoing restructuring.

  • Strategic Planning Expertise

    Partner with us to set short-term and long-term goals, KPIs, and milestones. Implement robust tracking and reporting systems while staying within budget. Ensure accountability and strategic success with our guidance.