We are VPG.

Specializing in nonprofits, we are a strategic, driven management firm for a changing world. We partner in your success by proactively providing best-in-class solutions to advance your organization, secure fundraising, grow membership, build event attendance and sponsorship, and help you achieve your goals.

We are here for you.

We would be honored to partner with you, your goals and aspirations, and the future of your organization - and explore powerful opportunities together. Should we earn the privilege of becoming your partner, we would nurture and extend what works great today, and collaborate with you to drive change and new growth in all areas.

Who we are.

You know all those things that you’d love to do, but can't because you don’t have the expertise, the resources, or the budget? That’s where we come in! Van Petten Group is a different kind of nonprofit management firm for a technologically-driven world. We serve as your management firm, your creative agency, and your consultant.

Who we serve.

We provide foundations, trade associations, professional societies, corporations, and government institutes with a comprehensive array of proven cost-effective solutions for any organization.

Our Vision

At VPG our vision is a world in which all nonprofit or charitable organizations are perpetually equipped with the talent, infrastructure and funding needed to accomplish their organizational purposes with excellence. Our vision is to make your vision a reality.

Our Mission

We accomplish our vision by employing entrepreneurial growth strategies to nonprofit organizations in the areas of leadership and strategy, human resources, and in creating long-term financial success. By taking the levers of talent, infrastructure and funding, we allow our clients to focus on their core missions of bettering their communities and our world.

VPG Values

VESTED INTEREST: We don’t view nonprofit organizations as clients; they’re partners and friends. VPG maintains a vested interest in the success of the organizations we support. We learn together, we grow together, and we thrive together.

PASSION: We will execute each process with passion and leverage the passion of our client organization and its members and donors to produce memorable events and solutions that build lasting impressions.

GRATITUDE: VPG is grateful for the opportunity to support organizations that make a difference and we convey that gratitude to each and every contributor. Serving nonprofit organizations is our why, and it’s up to us to remind the participants of their community why they are a part of their organization and industry.

Meet Our Team

Megan Van Petten

Megan Van Petten
CEO & President

Brian Crowley, CPA

Brian Crowley

Kristin Klinger

Lindsay Heatley
Account Executive

Greg Elston

Greg Elston
Production Director

Ralph Klisiewicz

Ralph Klisiewicz
Multi-Media Director

Jennifer Ross

Jennifer Ross
VPG Virtual Assistant

Robin Fischer

Robin Fischer
Community Manager

Antonio Rodriguez

Johanna Navari Welch
Account Executive

How we work.


Our introductory step, the discovery phase, involves a complete immersion into both our client- partner’s mission, vision, brand, and audience to help us better understand and define what works and what doesn’t in growing the organization. It’s during this step that we primarily listen to uncover insights. Throughout our discovery process, we seek answers and inspiration. These insights reveal the “why” and help us better influence behaviors that lead to overall organizational and membership growth and retention.


Our discovery and insights take action as we enter the strategic planning phase. Here we use what we know to develop a plan of action on how to bring an organization’s essence to its full potential and reach its desired goals.


We take a methodical and best practice approach to defining our processes. It’s during this phase that we combine all of our resources to have the team operate like a well-oiled machine. As it emerges directly from our strategic planning, it is already on target to meet our client-partners’ goals and be able to take on challenges that arise at any point.


In this phase, we execute the defined processes to bring the organization’s mission and vision to life. The execution is how we present the organization to its desired audiences, all with the organization’s best interest in mind.


Following the execution, we analyze and measure our work to ensure that it is effective. If the work or the process or strategy needs tweaking or if it needs to be scrapped altogether, then that we do. Through ongoing analysis, we are able to determine if we’re on the right path to growing the membership and the organization as a whole.


With the exception of the discovery phase, we are always tweaking and optimizing every step of the way ultimately working towards the short-term and long-term goals of the organization.