How to Set the Stage for Creativity in your Organization

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Fostering a creative workplace environment can be an incredible way to boost morale and add to the overall culture of your organization. Increased problem solving and critical thinking can be directly linked to focusing on this aspect in the workplace. Companies like Google and Airbnb have attributed a lot of their success to establishing creativity as a high priority.  

How does your team find creativity?

Encourage your team by getting to know how they get inspired for specific tasks. At VPG, our team has opportunities to work on their own on individual projects but also together on group tasks. Creativity can flourish from people in various ways. Some like to brainstorm on their own, and others need outside perspectives to spark their imagination. A change in scenery or briefly breaking to focus on another task can often unlock the solution needed for the original task. Offer multiple options for creative outlets.

Building a diverse team is also imperative for creating an environment that fosters out of the box thinking. Look for people that come from a variety of backgrounds, expertise, and life experiences.  Diversifying your team is just as important as keeping your portfolio diversified in terms of risk minimization. The more ideas you have to pool from, the more successful you’ll be.

What we do at VPG

VPG is not only an AMC but a lifestyle management company. We truly embody this in the way we work. We have the ability to work both from home and in the office, most working a blended amount of each. Having freedom in where you work can have huge results on the work produced. 

A team that has the freedom to pick their best working environment for specific tasks has the space to think of new ideas. We all know a good creative team is worth their weight in salt. The VPG office has several different spaces to work: single rooms, conference rooms, open areas for team communication and individual offices. Offering variety in the how and where will have big results on the “what” is produced. How does your team promote creative thinking?

Megan Van Petten
Van Petten Group, Inc.

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