The Growing Importance of Internal Communications

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Internal communications are an integral part of success for any organization.  When there is transparent communication amongst team members, it helps build trust in the organization and allows for a clear direction in which the company is going, and, more importantly, the employee’s role in achieving its vision and goals.

A key part of creating meaningful internal communications is to engage your employees and align them with your organization’s brand and company goals.  When you develop engagement amongst your employees you can create a safe echo chamber within your organization to develop and influence the direction of your brand.  Right from recruitment and retention of an employee to customer service success and safeguarding the customer experience, employee engagement is crucial.

The first and perhaps the most important area to exercise internal communications is to turn your employees into your brand advocates. After all, your employees are the ones that deliver your brand’s message to your customers.  It is, therefore, essential to view internal communications as an internal marketing and branding exercise.  Companies can tailor messages to provide an exceptional experience for their employees by understanding the audiences and their desires. This, in turn, builds employee confidence in the brand and turns them into brand advocates.

Some of the most successful companies have created Internal communications to promote company culture and build employee trust.  Company culture is a must if your organization is looking at the long-term picture.  Employees that trust the company’s values and have a comfortable workspace, tend to create an atmosphere for developing solutions to overcome obstacles, and employees will begin to tackle problems together without the need for oversight of management.  Internal communications empower employees that want to succeed for the betterment of the company and will bring solutions from the bottom up in an organization.

Typically, when organizations lack internal communications it leads to confusion, decreased productivity, and causes employees to become disillusioned with your organization and lose focus.  Not having a plan can be disastrous. Avoid reinventing the wheel in the absence of a plan, and draw up goals/objectives to achieve and lead your employees in the right direction efficiently.

Internal communications will streamline internal processes and will promote a healthy and motivating workplace. The most successful organizations engage with their employees to support the needs of their employees, while also giving them the freedom to tackle problems as they arise, instead of always seeking a higher associate’s consent. When this is done correctly employees feel like they have a voice in the organization’s goals and direction, which will build trust and confidence. If you have a start-up and are starting to on-board employees the first step is to build internal communications and employee engagement, otherwise, there will be turmoil and trust issues in the long haul.

Megan Van Petten
Van Petten Group INC.