How Working Remotely Can Strengthen Communication within your Organization

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How do your members required show up in their field professionally? Are they in strict schedules that can make it difficult when out of the blue health or family obligations pop up? Employment norms are adapting at a rapid pace and the option to work remotely has gained popularity in organizations that recognize that work done through computers can often be accomplished anywhere. Teams that have the option to work virtually are somewhat newfound. This is an exciting time for organizations to step out of templates that haven’t supported leadership and membership to create systems that allow the mission to thrive. This new flexibility needs to find its own structure and Van Petten Group is leading the charge with our client partners. The need for streamlined communication has skyrocketed since the dawn of user-friendly communication software and will only continue to grow. Aiding global communication for individuals is a highlight allows for greater inclusion within organizations.

Guide intuitive ways for everyone to be a part of the conversation.

Google Hangouts, Slack, Basecamp, Neon, YM, etc (see VPG Insight, “3 Technology Tips for Breakthrough Success”) all hold their own in different fields for supporting uninterrupted dialogue and tracking. These are all unique and versatile platforms that aid diversity within organizations by bringing people together who have various experience, expertise, educational levels, and cultures within your organization. At Van Petten Group, we believe these are key factors for enhancing a teams overall productivity. A 2009 Forbes study, in which 80 global software teams took part, indicated that well-managed teams who rely on virtual collaboration can actually outperform those offering office space. It explains, people who work more than 50 feet apart, rarely communicate with each other even if they are in the same office. If this was the case 9 years ago, imagine how much outperforming virtual teams are capable of now!

Save precious time with beneficial efficient interactions.

There are clear cost benefits to allowing your team to work remote, even if it is once a week. Regarding office space and travel time, professionals and leadership are able to save monetarily and conserve personal energy. Good work should not be hard! For those who prefer to stay close to home because of health concerns or family obligations, the option to work from home can open whole new sources of income and productivity. This can be great for boosting morale and keeping everyone in your organization healthy.

Bring your organization together by understanding the value of focused productivity.

There are countless communication mediums and at Van Petten Group, we believe we’ve reached a point in which online collaboration is a necessity to optimum communications. Doing the research and finding the best platform for your organization’s needs will not be the same for each company. Planning and execution can be clearly defined in a text or message through the platform, Slack, as opposed to face-to-face interactions that can sometimes take up valuable time. Team members can get assignments based on productivity, which leads to more polished results. We believe the clear-cut organization within teams that work partially remote, regarding project planning and task management has been incredibly helpful to our association.

VPG thrives on the accessibility and flexibility of teams that have the option to work remotely and we believe you will too!

Megan Van Petten
CEO & President
Van Petten Group, Inc.