3 Technology Tips for Breakthrough Success in 2019

In Insights by MVP

At VPG, our skyrocket to success is through breakthrough software. We are no stranger to technology, VPG is in front of the line. While it’s comfortable to stick to what you know, it is crucial to keep up to date with user friendly software that can push your organization ahead of your competitors. In a recent Forbes Article, How To Guide Your Nonprofit Toward Mission-Friendly Growth, Kevin Xu states, “About 80% of startups aspire to scale up their current operations over the next year and a half, according to a recent Abila Nonprofit Finance Study, and it’s important for them to understand that without careful planning, growth — even the nonprofit variety — can turn toxic.” Using the right technology as a supportive tool makes day to day functions work more efficiently when it comes to running a successful business, organization, or foundation. This list is a non paid curation of some of our favorite technology products.

“Transform(ing) the member experience” is how YM helps you excel. (YM)”

YM, YourMembership, is a software that effectively manages your association with ease. This is cutting edge membership management software that VPG recommends to support a positive interface with your members. From nonprofits to trade associations, societies to foundations, YM software will help you excel. Moving from managing all the membership information yourself with spreadsheet after spreadsheet, not to mention custom databases, is old news. With YM you can bring all your operations onto one single platform to create a streamlined experience you can trust. Take a look at what they have to offer at their website: https://www.yourmembership.com/

Keeping statistics of your donors and gifts with Neon can help you understand effective marketing strategies.

Neon is another software we have found helpful at VPG, especially for donors, donations, and fundraising. Through Neon, you can accept and track your donations, automatically send personalized donation receipts, get insights about your donors, build donor relationships and increase donor retention. It is donor management made easy. What lies in the future is algorithms to draw insights with collected data. With automated communication tools and powerful segmentation, it’s easy to gain robust insight. Creating and managing events is another reason we love Neon. Neon helps you carefully catalog donations to create a pool of data. In this way, if challenging trends arise, you will understand what corrective action to quickly take and resolve the issue. It could be helpful to test out small prototype models and keep tabs on their efficiency. Clear data will help lead your decision making. Here is their website: https://www.neoncrm.com/chicago/

Remember the people behind the technology.

Basecamp is a great way to bring your organization together with a multifaceted platform that communicates tasks, data, projects, and daily status reports to your entire team and/or board. Keeping in mind that we use technology to support the members and the tireless workers in your organization is key. Using technology tools will bring everyone together on the same page. Check out Basecamp here: https://basecamp.com/

VPG is passionate about keeping up with the tide, as technology continues to revolutionize how we do business. What’s your favorite tool that has brought your organization to the next level? Are there areas where your mission is hitting a few speed bumps and you’d like to try something new? Chat with us and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

Megan Van Petten
CEO & President
Van Petten Group, Inc.