Cybersecurity: What is it?

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We’ve all heard the term cybersecurity before, but what does it mean? Cybersecurity, at its simplest form, is the protection of electronic intellectual property, whether it be from theft, damage or service disruption. Think of cybersecurity as the doorman to the building that houses your organization’s most important data.

The Importance of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is imperative to the retention of intellectual property to large associations and small businesses alike. It was reported as of 2019 that 50% of all cybersecurity attacks were against small businesses. This makes cybersecurity equally important, if not more so, to small businesses. The barrier to entry for becoming a cybercriminal is unfortunately low, starting at $1 per app. However, the good news is that even small businesses can afford to invest in cybersecurity and even cybersecurity insurance. 

Best Practices at VPG

We at Van Petten Group value our cybersecurity to the utmost degree. That is why we use G Suite (by Google) and all of the security measures that come along with it. Google has designed their data centers specifically with cybersecurity in mind. Rather than housing complete sets of data in one physical warehouse, Google distributes all data across multiple locations. They replicate and chunk data to avoid any breakdown points. 

Additionally, Google randomly names these chunks of data so that they are unable to be read by the human eye. In the event of a fire or natural disaster, data is automatically re-rerouted to a different data center so as to avoid any service interruption. 

VPG also uses Slack’s Standard plan for secure organization communication and information tracking. Slack automatically backs up communications and makes them accessible to the beginning of that channel’s history.

Research Quality Resources

There are several precautions companies can take to protect their intellectual property and online data. First and foremost: regular education is key. Reviewing online articles, listening to podcasts and reading about cybersecurity is a great way to stay in the loop. Consider purchasing antivirus software or using a Virtual Private Network or Desktop to remotely access data. Requiring employees to regularly change passwords is also a healthy practice. Most resources suggest changing passwords anywhere from every 30 to 180 days. Most email providers also let you view your security settings and will give you some sort of warning if any options are toggled off that may better your cybersecurity. 

Secure Confidence Through Due Diligence

Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance in today’s digital business world. The cost of protection is low, and the cost of a data breach is incredibly high. When evaluating your organization’s cybersecurity, in addition to the aforementioned suggestions, research into purchasing cybersecurity insurance for your business. A company is only as secure as its intellectual property. How secure is your data?

Megan Van Petten
Van Petten Group, Inc.

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