The Importance of Fundraising through Social Media for Organizations

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If you are reading this article right now you’re probably reading it through some sort of social media. Internet users have among 5 to 6 different social media accounts. In this modern era, it is safe to say that most of us use our social media accounts a lot. We use it to connect with friends, family, and coworkers. We also use it to engage with posts, pictures, and pages from causes and organizations we care about. Since people use social media 24/7 in order to connect with others and things that matter, it’s only logical that online fundraising would also be a part of it.

Here at Van Petten Group, we see how valuable social media is to the world around us. We view social media as an added benefit for organizations looking to gain supporters as well as connect existing supporters to the organization. By using social media and online fundraising together, you create an effective way to raise money for your organization as well as reaching your audience.

Here we are going to provide 4 steps on how to
begin fundraising on social media:

1. Create a Campaign Plan

In order to set up your campaign, you should first create a plan with your team so you can keep all the moving parts organized. Some ideas you could use are: 

  • Create a title for your campaign.
  • Create a hashtag to use across your social platforms.
  • Decide how long the campaign will run.
  • Decide which team member will be responsible for each aspect of the campaign.
  • Consider using a social media management tool like Buffer to schedule posts in advance.

2. Decide Which Platforms You’ll Be Using

Before launching your campaign, you should evaluate how each of your social media platforms is performing. Identify which ones are the most popular for your intended target audience. You can use the analytic tools on each platform to see how your content is performing with different demographics and decide where you want to focus most of your efforts on.

3. Choose Suitable Fundraising Tools

Before you can launch your campaign, you’ll need to get set up with fundraising tools. Luckily, there are lots of low-cost options available that nonprofits can use to launch their campaigns. Van Petten Group recommends using Neon CRM software in order to start up your fundraiser.

You may also use social media channels that offer tools for fundraising. For example, Facebook has integrated fundraising tools for nonprofits that make it even easier to fundraise online.

4. Show Your Followers How Their Contribution Can Make a Difference

The last step towards creating a successful online fundraiser is showing how the money being raised is being put to good use. Use photos and videos to show your nonprofit in action so your audience can see how their donations can help your organization pursue its mission. Videos are particularly powerful for projecting your message. Beyond visual content, consider using statistics or infographics to give people an idea of how the donations will be put to use. If your audience can connect with your story and mission, they will be more inclined to donate.

Properly managed online fundraising requires hands-on experience, process-based research, and the ability to observe cyclical global trends through multiple lenses. Your audience is waiting for enriching content straight from the source. Mindfully follow these 4 steps to connect with your supporters. Facilitate the vision that brings you together through easy access fundraising tools. Watch your organization grow to develop the mission. 

Megan Van Petten
Van Petten Group, Inc.

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