So you’re thinking about Going Green: Tips for getting started

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It can be overwhelming to think about how to be environmentally responsible for a better tomorrow while kicking butt on your professional and personal duties in your daily routine. Keeping this in mind, why not take ownership as an organization and make going green a priority to set a new gold standard for your members?

Do the legwork for them.

By including green concepts for your future events, your organization is able to impact members of all ages. Many often feel they don’t have the time or energy to research green companies but still have the desire to put in their part. Do the initial legwork to help your association rally around a few causes they can all get behind.

What causes do your members care about?

Poll your members when beginning to create new connections to initiatives. By using social media polls or email surveys, your association can create buzz around what your members already care about. Members often may have projects that they support already and would love to have a bigger impact through their very own association. Let them take the reins so their leadership skills can shine through.

Public Response is invaluable.

When you feel you are doing your part environmentally, you want to tell people. It is only natural. It feels good to do good! Word of mouth and public opinion are worth their weight in gold. This will spark interest in your association and even impact new membership.  Being a part of an organization that thinks about global impact adds value to the experience. Authentic conversations flourish. The younger generation isn’t blind to the fact that natural resources are lessening with each breath they take. Thinking to the future is an integral part of running a fruitful association.

Tap into local communities when scheduling events.

By choosing local businesses, rapport can grow within the community your events are located in. Kindle friendships within neighborhood groups that are already doing their part. You may learn something new! This is a graceful way to build partnerships within the communities that need environmental initiative support. By choosing vendors that put sustainability first, your event is building a foundation your association can be proud to stand on. Taking the time to do the research to find venues that support green causes can even have a positive influence in surrounding communities.

No need to reinvent the wheel in the beginning stages.

Take a look at the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority’s commitment to the environment as an example. They have made it their mission to show the world that going green is possible in multiple departments.

Water conservation has been put on the forefront with low-flow faucets, toilets, and urinals. Annually, the LVCVA redirects waste from landfills that equal fifteen Statues of Liberty. Talk about true patriots. By switching to twin ceramic metal Halide lamps, they were able to save energy by 40%, saving an estimated 60 grand a month. Makes dollars and cents, right? They continue to make adjustments that are good for business, the community, and the environment. Not too shabby!

Don’t get stuck before you even get started. Do your research. Tap into your organization’s personnel resources and knowledge you may already have. What will you do to take steps toward an environmentally sustainable organization?

Megan Van Petten
CEO & President
Van Petten Group, Inc.

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