Facebook Marketing Tips And Ideas for 2018

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Over 1.7 billion people now use Facebook. Let that sink in. That makes Facebook the most used social network in the world by 1.2 billion. For social media marketers, more users mean more consumers. But with more users comes more competition.

Now because of factors like the Facebook algorithm changes, social media marketers need to be savvier than ever to compete.

Marketers need to pull out all the stops to make sure their Facebook channel is easy to find, provides value, and represents their business in the best ways possible.

In this article, you’ll learn the best Facebook marketing tips and ideas for non-profits and associations.

Determining the Best Day to Post

Facebook has a favorite feature called the insights whereby you can use the post ideas to identify the average time when you can find your fan online or offline. You need to follow these Facebook marketing ideas so that you publish your post when most of the fans are online. There are also alternative tools like Sprout Social and HootSuite that will be helpful in finding metrics and data required for stating the kind of post you should use on social media.

Creating and Scheduling Status Updates

Facebook has averagely 757 million users on a daily basis. Who knows? Maybe a certain percentage of these people could be your customers. In the event, you want to benefit from Facebook, you need to come up with quality content that will reach your target audience with consistency. Your primary aim should be educating, empowering, and entertaining them to become your customers.

Use emotions to increase the shareability of your post which will then enhance the number of likes and conversion. Posting questions will make sure that you get many responses and comments.  This platform also has an inbuilt feature that can schedule your post to appear on the page later.

Make Use of the “@Feature.”

The use of the @ Facebook feature is among unique Facebook marketing ideas that will show your fans that they are important and part of your business page. This feature is also helpful in tagging other pages and people on your post. You should use this feature to show enthusiasm and gratitude to your customers once they say something positive or appreciate your business. It is a dominant tool you can use to come up with a fruitful relationship and bring loyal customers to your business.

Use Stories

Facebook introduced stories as a technique to explore the ephemeral post trend. The idea behind these posts is highlighting a new content type that focuses on moments, rather than longer plans. Brands will understand how users perceive them on social media and help in coming up with the best techniques of reaching them.

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