Lisa McMillan

Account Executive

Lisa is passionate about creating opportunities that deliver growth, continuous improvement, and excellence for organizations and individuals. She embodies this passion in her role as VPG’s Account Executive. First and foremost, Lisa is a relationship builder and excels at serving organizations in a way that fosters membership and donor growth, engagement, and inclusion. Over the years, she has gained tremendous growth, both professionally and personally in working with and serving individuals from all backgrounds and thrives in this area as a result. Leading by example, Lisa believes in the importance of empowering members to grow and develop professionally.

Lisa previously served as an RN for 24 years and graduated from Washburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, which exposed her to advanced topics such as patient care technology, research, health promotion, safety and quality within the healthcare system. Following that, she served on the team at Landmark Worldwide, which is an international personal and professional growth, training and development company with a range of offerings that are innovative, effective, and immediately relevant. Throughout her time at Landmark and as an RN she gained much experience working within roles that greatly benefit VPG’s client-partners today.

Lisa has been an integral part of VPG’s team for several years as an Account Executive and has most recently served as the Director for a Foundation. With Lisa’s background and rich experience in working with individuals of all backgrounds, she can bring a unique insight to client-partners, being able to relate to existing and prospective members on many levels and keenly understand not only cultural and diversity factors, but also specific issues around healthcare, education, and wellness professions.

Favorite motto/quote: “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” -E.E. Cummings
When you’re not at VPG, you’re: Enjoying friends/family, practicing hot yoga, and participating in personal development programs to practice new ways to be in life.
One person you’d like to meet (dead or alive): I would love to meet my parents as an adult.
What do you want to be when you grow up: To continue to discover and appreciate all of life!
Greatest achievement: Completed the Landmark Forum and created a life of appreciation and contribution.