We are always interested in expanding the pool of qualified professionals we can contact as Van Petten Group continues to grow. You are always welcome to submit your resume and cover letter to be considered.

Equal Employment Opportunity
At Van Petten Group, Equal Employment Opportunity is our commitment and goal. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, national origin, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status or any other protected status designated by federal, state or local law. Applicants are encouraged to confidentially self-identify when applying.

To apply: Please email resume and salary range to Megan at megan@vanpettengroup.com.

Continuing Education and Professional Development Director

The Continuing Education and Professional Development (CE/PD) Director is responsible for various organization’s Professional Development and Continuing Education Programs that may include annual meeting and non-annual meeting educational workshops, online courses, webinars, certification and/or accreditation programs. Responsible for strategic planning, budgeting, creation, implementation, management, reporting, and working with the CE/Professional Development Committee as needed. Development and management of Professional Leadership Training Program. Supervise Professional Development Assistant, if applicable.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities
Direct and oversee the CE/PD Programs in all areas including:

  • Development, implementation, management, and evaluation of CE/PD Programs
    • Strategic, operational and budget planning/development and implementation reflective of applicable evolving profession
  • Direct and manage CE/PD activities
  • Identify, produce, deliver timely, quality CE/PD services reflective of the applicable profession
  • Acts as liaison to the Board, committee, member, and staff as needed
  • Various internal/external meetings as required by staff/committees, etc.
  • Formulates and recommends programs, goals, and objectives for CE/PD programs
  • Ensures quality control of consistency that required components of CE/PD programs meet the accreditation/certification standards or other compliance requirements
  • Ensures quality control of compliance in documentation for all activities
  • Acts as a liaison to membership department regarding continuing education requirements and inquiries
  • Conducts evaluation of CE/PD programs and industry-supported events/meetings
  • Creation of online Universal Leadership Training Program for professional societies
  • Serves as the Learning Management System (LMS) go-to resource for membership and CE/PD Assistant
  • Oversees the implementation, updates, and maintenance of Learning Management System
  • Oversees the efficiency of administrative workflow of CE/PD Programs and activities


  • Working knowledge of computers in an Apple Mac environment
  • Experience with Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Project management skills
  • Demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Must be able to function as part of a team
  • Maintain professional and positive demeanor
  • Good typing skills
  • Proven accuracy and attention to detail

Additional Information

  • Flexible time schedule
  • Willing to work evenings and weekends if needed

Education & Work Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • 3+ years of association management experience
  • 2+ year of certification/accreditation management experience

Account Executive

The Account Executive will be responsible for the overall management of professional association(s) and ensuring contractual obligations are fulfilled to meet or exceed client expectations.  This includes providing leadership for the client(s) and management of internal client teams to coordinate the related activities: membership, events, marketing, communications, sponsorships, professional development, financials, and governance.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Serve as primary liaison between client organizations (board, volunteers, committees) and internal client team
  • Manage specific strategic initiatives working with the Board of Directors in areas such as membership value, revenue diversification, conference value, and strategic programs in efforts to grow and serve the organization’s mission
  • Create and manage an annual operations plan that guides the association(s) activities toward attainment of strategic goals
  • Prepare and manage client financial performance; ensure adherence to budget guidelines and objectives
  • Prepare and present status reports and access to track organizational progress and offer solutions to enhance client success
  • Encourage and assist volunteer leaders, assist board in recruiting talent to volunteer leadership positions and manage volunteer programs and committees
  • Daily communication with staff, board members, members, sponsors, and committee members
  • Strong ability to support volunteer members and partner sponsors to drive a strong sense of community and collaboration
  • Overseeing client team meetings to make sure things are running smoothly

Knowledge & Skills
We are looking for a candidate with demonstrated experience, personal attributes and a track record of success that includes:

  • Leading the growth of a diverse and dynamic organization in an executive role with accountability to the Board of Directors, ideally with direct experience with the public and/or nonprofit sector.
  • Developing and executing strategic and operations plans, financial management and budgeting experience. Managing effective and efficient operations, member-centric programs and projects. Ability to set appropriate goals and outcomes.
  • Managing communications for public relations, members and member prospects, professional development, conferences, and networking activities. Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Managing complex relationships and the ability to identify and articulate a strong membership value proposition.
  • Experience as an association executive, board member and/or experience in a role with accountability to a volunteer board.
  • Demonstrated organizational and leadership experience working in a team environment
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion across a large and varied membership, including an international constituency
  • Possessing aptitude in seeing the big picture while also having an eye for detail; with the ability to have both a visionary mindset while accomplishing task lists
  • Ability to work in partnership with volunteer working groups and other organizations including international partners
  • Ability to negotiate among the demands of multiple competing stakeholder groups
  • Flexibility, versatility, and adaptability, utilizing multiple styles (i.e. can make things happen many different ways)
  • Possessing mental agility and the capacity to execute and bring clarity to ambiguity
  • Possessing political savvy, aware of both internal and external politics; and the ability to deal with changing organizational dynamics

Additional Information

  • Flexible time schedule
  • Willing to work evenings and weekends

Education & Work Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Certified Association Executive preferred

Membership Manager

The Membership Manager is responsible for coordination of membership procedures for candidates and for providing various information to the membership and prospects on programs, events, and inquiries.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Annual Conference
    • Manage entire registration process (offsite & onsite)
    • Oversee pre-conference preparations (badges, ribbons, reg. lists, etc.)
    • Attend conference
    • Attend all pre and post conference meetings
  • Committee Activities
    • Interaction with Membership Committee as necessary
    • Interaction with Education Committee as necessary
  • Customer Service activities
    • Incoming & voicemail calls
    • Copying, faxing, mail
    • Obtain/answer email requests
    • Backup for Member Records Administrator
  • Financial
    • Assist Member Records Administrator with dues payment processing (new and renewals) when necessary
  • Human Resource Activities
    • Supervise Database & Member Records Administrator & Senior Administrator
  • Office management
    • Attend staff meetings
    • Complete monthly timesheets
    • Contribute to Staff-To-Do-List & Agendas
  • Attend professional development programs


  • Working knowledge of computers in a windows environment
  • Demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Must be able to function as part of a team
  • Maintain professional and positive demeanor
  • Good typing skills
  • Proven accuracy and attention to detail

Additional Information

  • Flexible time schedule
  • Willing to work evenings and weekends

Education & Work Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • 2+ years association management experience
  • Certified Association Executive (CAE) a plus

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for maintaining the association management software (AMS) databases and large-scale data entry projects for new clients and/or transitioning clients to new database software. Other administrative duties include updating client website content, answering phone calls and responding to general inquiries, office maintenance, conference room meeting set-up and hospitality, ordering office supplies, booking travel plans, and assisting the management staff with administrative tasks.  

Database Support

  • Enter constituent data for all individuals and organizations
  • Maintain databases by merging and deduping records
  • Maintain records
  • Assist with research for keeping records current, update of businesses information, including contact persons for “Primary Contact” for businesses
  • Accurately and efficiently record new data
  • Execute annual database clean-up activity
  • Manage database subscription accounts
  • Generate needed reports from database

Administrative Support

  • Update client website content
  • Answer general office phone calls and respond to general inquiries
  • Office maintenance
  • Conference room meeting set-up and hospitality
  • Order office supplies
  • Book travel plans
  • Assist the management staff with administrative tasks as needed in the areas of association management, marketing, event planning, on-site conference assistance, and registrations, etc.


  • Strong attention to detail, accuracy, and dependability
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines
  • High level of typing accuracy and speed
  • Good working knowledge of Excel
  • Proficient in Internet research/navigation and Microsoft Office suite
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud is a plus, but not required

Additional Information

  • Willing to work evenings and weekends for special occasions

Education & Work Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • 2+ years of administrative experience in a corporate environment
  • 1+ years of association management experience preferred