Patty Coen, MBA, CMM, CMP

Meetings and Events Director

Patty has a vast background and rich experience as a Meetings and Events Director, a collaborative project manager who establishes clear expectations, transparency, and a quality-driven focus in producing deliverables within the scope of work set out. Her expertise has been a true asset for the VPG team as she has the ability to not only organize and see through the execution of the event, but to do this while being a fiscally astute manager with a keen ability to contain the scope of work yet be flexible to respond to new opportunities as well as thinking resourcefully when solving budget challenges.

In the current environment, Patty has stepped into opportunities to transition traditional meeting programs into virtual platforms in response to COVID-19, leveraging an understanding of program needs into selecting the right-fit platforms to deliver the best possible attendee experience. In both environments, Patty can strategically align projects to meet client-partner objectives and use active listening to understand the requirements to ensure expectations are not only met but also exceeded. With each of our client-partners stepping into the virtual conference program realm, Patty is able to lend her expertise to provide the best solution that can translate an in-person event into a digital one entirely, or create a unique hybrid event that can capture both in-person and virtual audiences, doing so responsibly and reaching the sponsorship and attendance goals set in place.